Our people

I choose to be here

Bellini represents our family, our community, our essence; we are and we achieve everything we want, every time we think about the possibilities, we think about being here...

We think that it is possible to dream, making part of the transformation process (Production), we develop ourselves as excellent propositive technicians with initiative,
we reach our customers through empathy, excellent
communication skills and exceptional service levels, we manage our resources and guide our efforts in shared achievements.

In Bellini we make things happen, we share goals, successes and we accompany each other in adversities, every day our efforts are focused on being happy and successful people.....

Wellness Plan

Aimed at improving the quality of life of employees understood as integral beings, we focus on developing a plan that involves recreational, sports and cultural spaces. At Bellini you will be part of a diverse, multicultural and inclusive team. The goal of our plan is to improve the physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being of all members of the organization. Our commitment is to improve every time our quantitative and qualitative perception of organizational climate.

Our People

A company that finds more value in its employees every day.

Social Responsibility

In Bellini, we manage indicators that allow us to manage and follow up on the favorable development of the budget and efficient management of resources. We accompany, educate and exalt the best practices achieved that assure the sustainability of the business. We employ inhabitants of Madrid, Mosquera, Funza and Facatativá, which allows us to contribute to the growth of the Western Savannah, providing decent work in compliance with regulations and oriented to the development of employees and their families.
We care for the environment through our operation: we manage our waste responsibly, intervene in atmospheric emissions, reduce consumption and sensitize people to care for the environment.

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