Our History

Under the inspiration of a man named Sebastiano Carbone Bellini who found in America great opportunities, was born in 2007 Productos Alimenticios Bellini S.A.S. a company committed to feeding thousands of households by offering high quality products.



"Year after year we innovate with new brands, products and services, consolidating ourselves as a solid and constantly growing company".

Our history continues

A company that always has a vision for the future.

By 2025 Bellini will have doubled sales by 2018, profitably and sustainably.
To achieve this: We will be an innovative company, producer, exporter and marketer of food focused on cereal derivatives, with certified quality and recognized as the best option: price - performance and adaptability to the needs of its customers and markets, with national coverage and presence in more than 30 countries, positioned as one of the best companies to work and grow.

Our Work

Productos Alimenticios Bellini is oriented to satisfy the needs of our customers and consumers, innovating, importing, manufacturing, exporting and
marketing food and cereal products mainly, at reasonable prices, with high standards of quality and safety to achieve a profitable and sustained growth, generating value for shareholders and welfare of its employees, framed in our corporate values.

Value Proposition

We offer a variety of foods and corn products, with high standards of quality and service, based on a superior price-performance ratio,
generating inspiring experiences and moments.



In our interactions we recognize the importance of the other and accept different points of view and individual differences. We recognize that being unique to us makes them valuable.


We encourage: thinking, speaking clearly, and acting on our own behalf. principles, we lead by example and give exceptional value to the "truth".


We act faithful to our values and feel as our own to our organisation acting in a transparent manner and looking after the interests of its members, collaborators and interested parties.


We are passionate and choose what we do with conviction. From individual role we make things happen, feeling like we're part of something very important. and that through discipline better results are obtained.


Our work is carried out with a sense of co-responsibility for giving appropriate use of allocated tools and resources, mitigating environmental impact generated by what we do every day promoting healthy spaces, for our children. collaborators, families, community and future generations.


We develop our management doing better what we are already doing doing well (continuous improvement). Our goal is to achieve all the objectives, but with Excellence, aiming for the development of employees and their families in a work-life balance.

A brand that maintains the principles and values, is a brand that will definitely be sustained in time, that in our history.

Sebastiano Carbone Bellini


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